Other Documents

We produce other documents such as: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Diploma, Marriage Certificate, Emancipation Certificate, Transcript and many other documents. We Produce both Real and Fake of all these documents. For the Real document, we shall register all the Holder's information into the supposed database system and the holder will legally use the document without any problems. And for the Fake document, we shall produce and just a replica of the real document but we shall NOT register any of the holder's information into the supposed database system. So if the document is checked in any datachecking machine, none of the holder's information is registered in the system. So the Clients just use the documents for CAMOUFLAGE PURPOSE.
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We are an independent group of specialized IT professionals and database technicians based in the USA and we are specialized in the production of passport, SSN, license, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and many other documents of very high quality and other services. We have been producing passport, license, SSN, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and other documents for over 150 countries.(North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa) We Produce Both Real Database registered passport, license, SSN, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas which are legally used and we also produce Fake or Duplicate or Novelty documents which are just use for Camouflage and Can NOT be used Legally these types of documents are not important so we produce on high demand and order. We work with insiders from top 120 embassies within the world who have all our clients information processed from within and have everything authenticated in the supposed database system. So everything we do regarding the production of a Real passport, SSN, license, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and other Document are genuine and all the real documents that can be legally used. With over 15 years of our expertise in producing passport, SSN, license, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and other documents, over millions of our produced documents are circulating the world. We have produced documents for many celebrities and Politicians and top government officials from different countries. We quite know the risk in carrying or using a fake document, that is why we invested our technologies, professionalism and skills to put in a company so as to aid people who find it difficult to have a particular document or who also can't have a document for some reasons. We also do know that many people out there are trying to run from bad guys and change their identity but they can't go to the authorities for that as it may also implicate them. So we have Asian Brothers To sort any documentation issue you may have. Whether Real Or Fake document.
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Data Verification
We provide all our clients with a Verification Diskette for them to Verify that all their information is registered in the supposed database system. This Verification diskette will be delivered to you with a Telepoint Code and Database link which you shall use to verify the authenticity of your document.
Sophisticated Materials
We use genuine sophisticated materials for the production of documents. Whether Real or Fake documents, we use just the same quality materials. The same materials that any authorities use are the same materials we use for the production of both the real and fake documents. So everything will be 100% top quality.
Data Scan Documents
All our documents carry the secret features and could be seen under a UV light with full spectrum Holograms. Both the Real and Fake documents. So be rest assured that even the Fake document will pass scan test but it will NOT pass data reading unless it is a REAL document.
We assure all our clients of 100% SECURITY. We keep all our clients information safe from any third party. After the client receives and confirms his/her document, we erase all the client's information from our system. And they shall legally use all our REAL documents without ever getting into trouble

    ☆ Both the Real and Fake documents LOOK the same and no one can ever detect which is Fake or Real.

    ☆ Both the Real and Fake documents have genuine secret features like Holograms, Barcodes, UV lights and others.
Visas & Passports

We produce Just Real Visa. This real Visa is legal and you shall legally use it to travel to the Country that it is issued from. And you will never have problem traveling with this Visa because it is genuine. For the Passport, we produce both Real and Fake Passports. The Real Passports will have all your information registered in the database system of the Country and if the Passport is Checked at the Airport, all your information will show up in the data checking machine so the Passport will legal. We also produce Fake Passports for some clients who wishes to use the Passport just for camouflage purpose and do not intend to use it legally. The passport Look just the same as the real one with the same quality and secret features. The only different is that this Fake passport will not have it's information registered in the system. So if it is checked in any airport scan it will detect Fake. So we always advise our clients to let us produce them the REAL Passport so that they can legally use it.
Drivers License & I.D

We produce both Real and Fake Id card and Driver's License. For the Real Id Cards and Driver's License, we register all the information into the database system and if the id card or driver's license is checked using a data reading machine, all your information will show up in the system and you shall legally use the document. We also produce Fake Id card which are just the same with the real id and driver's license. But none of the information on the document will be registered in the database system. So the document will be Fake. But all the secret features of the Real id card and driver's license will be duplicated and imprinted on the Fake copy. So we always advise our clients to let us produce them the Real documents if they legally want to use the document.
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